Make A Change

Guerilla marketing

To bombard a place like this may not be sweetart but its really nice. The question thats kind of stuck in my head is - Is this mayed freely or is contaracted by hemköp?

This is really nice!

Found at Järntorget Gothenburg


Found on the curve by Gothenburgs Opera house

Streetart NOT Sweetart

I started this page to show up some streetart work. The artwork are NOT sweetart. They are done illegally or in a matter that they can't be removed without sanitation, time and money. But many streetart's can be done in such a matter thay they would become sweetart. So this page is a kind of insperation, how not to and a page to lift up the streetart artist that does great works but that for the time being doing it illegal and in some ways leaving destruction behind them.

Found in Majorna-Gothenburg

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